Tripur Sundari Temple

18-Oct-2017 Religious place prateek

 In addition to being the main attraction of Jabalpur this temple is considered sacred and it is an important center of religious faith. 11th became century even called about this temple is the statue he had appeared from inside the Earth. The literal meaning of Tripur's three cities and means Sundari 'Pretty Woman'. Beautiful nymphs three cities fell out the meaning of the temple said. Although it's called the Divine principle of power which occur three, is the correct interpretation and has been taken as a goddess symbol of strength and power. Tourists in the thousands throughout the year. Especially 10-day Major crowd overflowing during Durga Puja or Dussehra festival. Tripur Sundari Temple saints and religious leaders have a special place.

Inside premises of temple.
Inside the entrance of temple.
Inside the temple.