Pisanhari Ki Madhiya

18-Oct-2017 Religious place prateek

Pisanhari Ki Madiya is a Jain temple and is situated near the Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. The name of the lady who built this shrine is unknown. 
It is believed that once a lady heard the religious verses from a monk.
She was moved by this preaching and was inspired to build a templePisanhari ki Madiya is a standout amongst the most delightfully developed sacrosanct place of Jain religion. It is one of the "must visit" put in Jabalpur. This teerth put is 1008 Shri Parshvanath Digambar Jain Mandir Pisanhari Marhiyaa granted the name "Atishaya Kshetra" which implies Place of Miracles, however, locally it is known as the Pisanhari ki Madiya as it were. The administration of this place is proficient by "Pisanhari Marhiyaa Trust Committee" of Jabalpur cityThis sanctuary was worked amid the nineteenth century on the highest point of 300 ft.heighted slope. The Pisanhari Jain Temple is really a sanctuary complex with various Jain sanctuaries. The focal sanctuary has two symbols built up in 1587 it is the most seasoned icons of this territory.There are 13 other sanctuary and some little sanctuaries, in particular, Maan Stumbh, Shri Nandishwar Dweep Jinaalaya, Samavsaran mandir, Bhagawan Baahubali and some more. Here you can discover a lake known as the "Varni Kund". This lake was dried long prior however because of the acceptance of Poojya Ganesh Prashadji Varni this lake again got the job done with water. The history uncovers two motivating stories connected to the formation of this perfect place.

Farther view of the temple.
Steep series of stairs.

The distance between the Jabalpur city bus stand and the temple is 5 km. The Railway Station is situated at a separation of 8 km from the temple.

Timings 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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