Madan Mahal Fort

17-Oct-2017 Historical places prateek

Arranged on a slope in Jabalpur town is a little however captivating stronghold of the Gond rulers. It was to a greater extent a kept an eye on post on vigil for trespassers now wrapped in the cover of history. The fort dates back to 11th century AD. The stronghold is very much connected with Rani Durgavati the Gond Queen and her child Madan Singh. Rani Durgavati in the long run kicked the bucket battling the Moguls and is hailed as a saint in Indian history. She additionally manufactured various sanctuaries and tanks scattered around Jabalpur essentially around her Garha territory. 
The Gond rulers ruled over Jabalpur, Mandla and surrounding regions. Madan Mahal is one such stronghold worked by them. In spite of the fact that not precisely an engineering wonder, the little fortress is portrayed by interest of old landmarks in India.
The structure creates an atmosphere of wonder being minimal but then completely prepared for military experiences. The steady, war rooms, little supply and principle joy council of the rulers offer guests much to see and appreciate. 
The landmark is arranged at a stature of around five hundred meters on the slope of same name. The Balancing Rock is an immense stone adjusted on the tip of another. It is a topographical ponder while in transit to the stronghold. 
There are numerous myths skimming about the fortress of the Gonds. It is said to harbor gold blocks and Gond treasures concealed some place in it in available underground overlap. An underground passage covering a long separation is said to be found some place around the region - a conceivable escape course and transportation conduit of the Gonds.

Horse stable.
Horse Stable.
Entry Point.
The Pathway to Madan Mahal Fort

Closest Railway station is Madan Mahal railway station.Driving distance 3 kms or 1.8 miles.Driving Time 10 minutes.

Timings 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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