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11-Oct-2017 Nature Mayank Patel

The Ghughua/Ghughwa Fossil National Park in Dindori locale of Madhya Pradesh is a one of a kind goal in India. It has been honoured with an extremely valuable fortune of plant fossils which have been dated 65 million years of age. It is accepted to be of time Gondwana Supercontinent. It lies on tourism course of Bandhavgarh to Kanha national stop or the other way around. While venturing out from Kanha to Bandhavgarh or the other way around, sightseers frequently take little end here to visit Ghughua fossil stop. These fossils were established in the year 1970 and Ghughua Fossil National Park was announced in the year 1983. Here all around safeguarded fossils of woody plants, climbers, leaves, blooms, leafy foods have been exhibited with instructive notes. Dicotyledons and palm fossil woods are especially various. Such plants are not found in Central India. These fossils speak to a period in the historical backdrop of the Earth that is very huge for the vegetational history of India. Presently a day we can see their advanced shape. It is open for guests on all the times of seven days from dawn to dusk. Keeping in mind the end goal to visit this stop, guests need to take entrance ticket by making the instalment. There is the contrast in ticket charges for Indian nationals and non-native visitors.

    The fossil record of Ghughua comprises of chiefly plants having a place with the highest Cretaceous to early Tertiary periods going back to around 65 million years. So far 31 genera having a place with 18 families have been recognized. Their is a dominance of palms and dicotyledons. Fossils of eucalyptus trees, found here are local to Australia which demonstrates of time when Great Gondwana Supercontinent was existing on earth. Other fossilized plants incorporate old Date Palm, Jamun, Banana, Rudraksh and Aonla.

Ghughua fossil park

This national park is located on NH11, 76 km from Jabalpur. Nearest Bus stand is at Niwar and the nearest town from the park is Shahpura (13km).

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