Dumna Nature park

10-Oct-2017 Nature Mayank Patel

Dumna Nature Reserve Park is an ecotourism site open to general society situated in the Jabalpur region of the Indian territory of Madhya Pradesh.It includes a dam, forests, and wildlife in a 1058-hectare area. Wild creatures, including chital, wild hog, porcupine, jackals, and many species of birds inhabit the park. Sightings of leopards have likewise been accounted for in and around the park. A kids' park and a restaurant are available. A hanging bridge, tent stage, rest house, fishing platform, toy train, and boating are other attractions at the nearby Khandari Dam. Exercises in the water, including washing or swimming, are precluded because of the nearness of crocodiles.

Dumna Nature Reserve

The distance between Jabalpur Railway Station and Dumna Nature Reserve is 8.5 kms or 5.3 miles.Driving Time 20 minutes.

Entry fee INR 20

Timings 10:30AM–6PM.

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