Balancing Rock

17-Oct-2017 Historical places prateek

In spite of the fact that Jabalpur is known more for the popular Marble Rocks, there are numerous other intriguing certainties counting the special geography of this place. Jabalpur is secured by low and rough infertile hillocks, for the most part, shaped after a volcanic emission that must have happened a large number of years prior. balancing rock is an autonomous shake problematically balancing over another stone. The upper shake adjusts on the base of the lower shake; the range where the two rocks interact with each other is around 6 sq in. This adjusting rock has managed a capable seismic tremor of 6.2 on the Richter scale and has not gone into disrepair. 
Numerous guests come to visit this interesting sight. The material science of these stones has likewise pulled in a great deal of geologists who continue going to this place. One can walk additionally up to the Madan Mahal Fort and investigate or scale the watchtower in the fortress complex to get broad perspectives of the other rough developments found around. Vehicles are effortlessly accessible to this spot from Jabalpur.

Balancing Rock, front view

Timings Open 24 hours.

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