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uranic name of Amarkantak was Riksha parvat. It isn't just the Narmada which emerges from Amarkantak, on the grounds that the son River, at first alluded to as Jwalawanti of Johila, the Mahanadi, and the Amadoh, which is a noteworthy early tributary of the Godavari, all ascent from inside the Amarkantak plateau.Among all the holy waterways of India, the Narmada possesses a special place. Legend has it that Lord Shiva favored the Narmada with special decontaminating powers. 

The Narmada, which is more than 150 million years more seasoned than the Ganges RiverGanga and is considered by numerous Hindus to be the most consecrated for every one of the waterways of India, Amarkantak itself is holy to the Hindus and is regarded to be an entryway to 'Nirwana'. 


The history about amarkantak uncovers that amid the Chendi line hold the area was trailed by the kalchuris in the tenth century. The area in the earlier days was believed to be known as the Ayodhya, as specified in our Vedas, Puranas that there was an ashram for the holy people of kapil muni and rishi markand. Stories from the different books propose that the Pandavas of the Mahabharat epic had spent their times of outcast here. the area was later in the fifteenth century was given over Baghelas and in 1808, the bhosle of Nagpur discounted the district. At last in went in the hands of the priest of state government. In the Hindu folklore, Narmada is one of the seven consecrated streams of India. Travelers bathe in its blessed water to wash away their transgressions. legend has it that once consistently, the powerful Ganga comes to the Narmada to take a sacred plunge into its water at the place of its root. 


Amarkantak gets a vast number of sightseers consistently. Being a journey goal, a greater part of them are Hindu fans. Aside from being a journey goal, it is likewise a famous slope station. So for the individuals who are keen on slope station pioneer then it is the best alternative in Central India. Being root of Holy Narmada waterway, fans have this spot with awesome dedication and regard. While going by Amarkantak we can see different sanctuaries, Kapildhara, Temple of Kalchuri time and Narmada Kund from where waterway Narmada begins and number of Ashrams. Hindu holy people see this place with extraordinary regard and visits for reflection and feel the sacredness of climate.


The total straight line distance between Jabalpur and Amarkantak is 193 KM (kilometers) and 583.57 meters or 120.3 miles. At the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour, you can reach Amarkantak in 3.87 hours.

Timings Early morning to eve

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