Inaugration of Mahapaur Pass Facility

10-May-2018 JCTSL, News and Events Super Admin

Mayor of Jabalpur Dr Swati Godbole launches Mahapaur Passes

 Mayor Dr Swati Godbole launched ‘Mahapaur-Smart Pass’ for low-floor buses to give discount on travelling costs. The advantages have been given to students,senior citizens, divyang people and for everyone. The cost structure of Mahapaur Passes are as following-General Pass costs-500 rs, Student Pass Costs 350 rs, Senior citizen passes costs 300 rs and disabled people passes costs around 200 rs. The Advantage of the Mahapaur Passes is only single pass helps travelers to travel in any route, previously single pass facilitate travelling in only one route and now this disadvantage is removed through mahapaur pass facility through which single pass helps voyagers to travel through any route at any time. This helps every citizen in many ways like reduction in costs of travelling, students takes advantage to move to colleges, coachings via single mahapaur pass facility.

Previously, General Pass Facility costs around 560 rupees monthly now reduced to 500 rupees

                   Student Pass Facility costs around 470 rupees monthly now reduced to 350 rupees

                  Divyang Pass Facility costs around 420 rupees monthly now reduced to 200 rupees